Madame Edwarda [Japan]
Made In Poland [Poland]
Magazine [UK]
Manicured Noise [UK]
​Marathon [T.B.A.]
Marquee Moon [Germany]
Marquis De Sade [France]
Marte In Ariete [Italy]

Mecano [The Netherlands]
Mekanik Kommando [The Netherlands]
The Mekons [UK]
The Membranes [UK]
Message [France]
Messageros Killers Boy [France]

Metro Decay [Greece]
Mickeranno [Italy]
​Mick Ness [The Netherlands]
Middle Class [USA]
Militia [Italy]
Minny Pops [The Netherlands]
Mission [Canada]
Mission Of Burma [The Netherlands]
Modern English [UK]
Modern Eon [UK]
Modern Times [The Netherlands]
The Modernaires [UK]
Modest Proposal [The Netherlands]
Moloko + [Germany]
The Monochrome Set [UK]
Month Of Sundays [UK]
Morituri [Portugal]
Move [Italy]

Movement [France]
Musta Paraati [Finland]
Mutabor! [UK]

Muzak [Brazil]
My Captains [UK]
My Dad Is Dead [USA]
Mydolls [USA]

Mystery Date [USA]