New Wave (1977-1989)

New wave is a genre that appeared in the late 1970s, influenced by Punk Rock and Electronic music. It's characterized by agitated and busy guitar melodies alongside jerky rhythm guitars, an heavy reliance on synthesizers, "stop-and-go" composition structures, and a typical use of intricated percussive sections, sometimes with the help of drum machines. This intricated beat is an important feature of new wave, beat-oriented music like Afrobeat and Disco also had a big influence on the movement. Power Pop is also associated with the shaping of the new wave constellation, (e.g. through the Mod Revival sensibility) and participated of the separation from the punk roots, a detachment which became clearer with the 1980s synth-lead acts represented by a new wave sub-genre called New Romantic. The punk rock influence of new wave make it a close cousin of Post-Punk, the two genres evolving from punk rock at about the same time. However, the Pop leanings of new wave, in particular toward Pop Rock and Synthpop, makes the genre distinct from the experimental, abrasive, angular angriness of post-punk. Overall, besides post-punk, new wave is also ethically, historically and aesthetically close to a lot of subgenres from related subcultures in the 1980s, such as punk rock, power pop, synth pop, 2 Tone, Alternative Dance, etc.

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Actuel (US)
Adam And The Ants (UK)
​Adam Ant (UK)
The Adventures (UK)
Agents Of Decay (The Netherlands)
Afterimage (USA)
​Alain Thomas (France)
Alaska Y Los Pegamoides (Spain)
Alphaville (Germany)
Altered Images (UK)
Alternative TV (UK)
Anna Curra ​ (Spain)
​Annabella Lwin (UK)
Another Pretty Face (UK)
The Armoury Show (UK)
The Banzai Babies
​The BC Lemons (Japan)
Beat The Wall (US)
The Beloved (UK)
Berlin (UK)
Berlin (USA)
Berlin (The Netherlands) 
Bert Barten (The Netherlands)
​Big (UK)
Big Country (Scotland)
The Big Sound Authority (UK)
Billy Alley
Billy Idol (UK)
Blackout (The Netherlands)
Blondie (US)

​The Bloomsbury Set (UK)
​Blue China (Switzerland)
​Blue For Two (Sweden)
Blue Murder
Blue Zoo
The Bolshoi (UK)
​Bond (Germany)
The Bridge​ (UK)
The Buggles (USA)
The Bugs (The Netherlands)

Cadena Perpetua
The Call (USA)
Carrillo (Finland)
The Cars (US)
Casino Shanghai
Casual Affairs (The Netherlands)
Cathedral Of Tears (USA)
Ce Soir (France)
Chalk Circle (Canada)
China Crisis
​Cloud Nine (The Netherlands)
Comateens (US)
The Colour Field
Colour Scream (UK)
Comite Cisne (Spain)
The Comsat Angels (UK)
​The Cultural Club (UK)
​Culture Club (UK)
​The Cure (UK)
Dalek I Love You
The Decorators (UK)
D'Denzz (The Netherlands)

Design (US)
Design For Living (UK)
Devo (US)
Diestinct (Sweden)

​Dragon (New Zealand)
Duna (Argentia)
Duran Duran (UK)
The Dutch (The Netherlands)
​The Dutch Courage (The Netherlands)
Dyplomatic (France)
Falco (Austria)
The Farewell Party (Germany)
Fashion (UK)
​Fatal Charm (UK)
Fay Ray (UK)
Film Noir (Greece)
First Proprity (UK)
The Fixx (UK)
The Flaming Hands
Flash And The Pan
Fox In Socks (UK)
Fra Lippo Lippi (Norway)
Freeze Frame (UK)
​Freur (UK)
​The  Furniture (UK)
The Edge (UK)
Endgames (Scotland)
The Essence (The Netherlands)
The Everest The Hard Way (UK)
Europeans (UK)
Getting The Fear (UK)
Gina X (Germany)
Gina X Performance (Germany)
Girls At Our Best! (UK)
​The Gist (UK)
Glass Tiger (Canada)
The Gorvernment (UK)
Heaven 17
Home (US)
Hot Water (UK)
Hypno-Gogo (Canada)
I Can Crawl (UK)
I Spy (The Netherlands)
Icehouse (Australia)
​Illustrated Man (UK)
Images Of Spirit (Belgium)
​In The Flesh (US)
In Two A Circle (UK)
​Ina Deter (Germany)
Ina Deter Band (Germany)
​Incontrollabili Serpenti (Italy)
Indochine (France)
​Intaferon (UK)
​INXS (Australia)
It's Raining (USA)
Kafblau (The Netherlands)
Kids In The Kitchen (Australia)
Kim Wilde (UK)
Klang (Belgium)
​Korgis (UK)
Jane Aire And The Belvederes (UK)
Jo Lemaire + Flouze (Belgium)
Judy Nylon (The Netherlands)
Jules Shear (USA)
M + M Canada)
Maanam (Poland)
Manca Panopica (Japan)
​Martha And The Muffins (Canada)
​Matt Fretton (UK)
Mecano (Spain)
Mental As Anything (UK)
The Meteors (The Netherlands)
Midnight (UK)
The Mighty Wah! (UK)
Minks (USA)
​Minor Detail (Ireland)
Missing Persons (USA)
The Mo (The Netherlands)
​Modern English (UK)
​Montanablue (Germany)
Music For Pleasure (UK)
Naughty Thoughts (UK) ​​
New Manrines (USA)
​New Musik (UK)
The Next Big Thing (UK)
Non Alignment Pact (The Netherlands)
N2O (Japan)
La Danza Moderna (The Netherlands)
La Peste (The Netherlands)
Laid Back
Lancee (The Netherlands)
Lavi Ebel (Belgium)
Libido Blume (Greece)
Life Without Principle (USA)
Living Links (USA)
Lloyd Allen (USA)
The Look (UK)
Lovecramps (The Netherlands)
The Lover Speaks (UK)
The Lucy Show (UK)
Lung Overcoat (USA)
​Lustans Lakejer (Sweden)
Quickflight (Canada)
Talking Heads (USA)
Tall New Buildings (Canada)
The Tapes (The Netherlands)
Taxxi (UK)
Tears For Fears (UK)
Tent (The Netherlands)
Theatre Of Sheep (USA)
This Future (UK)
Thompson Twins (UK)
Thoughts (The Netherlands)
The Thoughts (UK)
'Till Tuesday (USA)
​Time UK (UK)
Tools Of Romance (USA)
​Toy (Belgium)
The Toy Shop (UK)
Toyah  (UK)
​Troy Tate (UK)
True Colours (UK)
​Tubeway Patrol (UK)
​Twinking Tears (The Netherlands)
Two Minute Warning (USA)
Passion Puppets (UK)
The Passions (UK)
Pat On The Back (USA)
Paul Young (UK)
Pee Dee (The Netherlands)
​Persian Rugs (UK)
​Peter Godwin (UK)
The Planets (UK)
​The Phones (The Netherlands)
The Photos (UK)
The Pink Of Perfection (Germany)
The Plastics (Japan)
Poison Ivy (The Netherlands)
Polyrock (USA)
Populair Voice (UK)
The Press Club (US)
Prima Volta (The Netherlands)
​Private Sector (USA)
​The Psychedelic Furs (UK)
​Pure Joy (USA)
Puppies (USA)
Push (Canada)
Obvious (USA)
One Blood (Finland)
One Two (The Netherlands)
Opposition (UK)
​Original Mirrors (UK)
Our Daughters Wedding (US)
Rank Z'Heroes (UK)
​Renée (The Netherlands)
Rocazino (Denmark)
The Romantics (US)
Ric Ocasek (US)
​Ricochet (The Netherlands)

​Robin Stammers And Flesh Habit (UK)
Rough Trade (Canada)
Roberto Jacketti And The Scooters (The Netherlands)
​Romeo Void (USA)
Rough Trade (Canada)
The Waitress (USA)
WAT (The Netherlands)
​Wax (UK)
The Wild Swans (UK)
Wire Train (USA)
Wolf & Wolf (Austria)
​The Word (UK)
World At A Glance (USA)
​Writz (UK)
Sapho (France)
Scott Wilk + The Walls (UK)
​The Secret Seven (UK)
Sherbs (Australia)
Short Romans (Germany)
Simple Minds (Scotland)
The Sinatras (UK)
Situation (Japan)
Social Security (The Netherlands)

Sore Throat (UK)
The Spivs (The Netherlands)
Stablizers (USA)
Stop The World (UK)
​The Stranglers (UK)
​Subtle Hints (Canada)
Sweden Thrü The Ages (UK)
Uncertain Call (France)
UV Pop (UK)
Zägä Box  (Finland)
Zero Le Crêche (UK)
Zerra One (Ireland)
Zitrone (Belgium)
Zoose (The Netherlands)
カドリエ (Japan)
Vector (USA)
Virgin Dance (UK)
The Visions (The Netherlands)
​Vitamin Z (UK)
​The Vyllies (Switzerland)
Yoran (Japan)