Post Punk (1977-1989)

With its roots in the mid to late 1970s, post-punk is a movement that followed on the heels of the initial Punk Rock explosion. While retaining its roots in punk rock, post-punk is generally more complex and introverted. Also, musicians tend to be much more experimental, often incorporating influences from Dub, Electronic, Funk, Krautrock, Art Rock, and Experimental music. Classic examples include Joy Division, Talking Heads, Public Image Ltd., Gang of Four, Wire, The Chameleons, Magazine, The Birthday Party and The Fall. Unlike its more pop-based counterpart New Wave, post-punk often deals with darker subject matter. Post-punk is also often considered one of the primary predecessors of the wave of Alternative Rock styles that followed in the early 1980s onwards. 

Discription is written by
AA (Belgium)
Abecedarians (USA)
​Actifed (UK)
Actuel (USA)
Acute Logic (UK)
Ad-Lib (South Africa)
Adam And The Ants (UK)
The Adams Family (UK)
ADS (Denmark)
Aerial FX (UK)
​After Budapest (Italy)
After The Tides (Belgium)
Afterimage (USA)
Agents Of Decay (The Netherlands)
Agony Column (UK)
Agrimensor K (Spain)
Ahoe Ahoea (The Netherlands)
​Aidons La Norvege (Spain)

Aimless Device (Belgium)
Akira S Et As Garotas Que Erraram (Brazil)
Alien Nation (USA)
Almost Cruelty (UK)
The Amyl Dukes (UK)
And Also The Trees (UK)

Anehcoic Chamber (France)
Angel Of The Odd (USA)
Angels In Aspic (UK)

Animation (UK)
Annabas (UK)
Anomeos (Portugal)
Another Dream (UK)
The Anti Troppau Council (Greece)
Aphotic Culture (USA)
Apocalypse Jive (UK)
Après Demain (Finland)
Art Boulevard (Italy)
Art Objects (UK)
Arte No Escuro (Brazil)
As Mercenarias (Brazil)
Asmodi Bizarr (Germany)

​The Associates (UK)
Astaron (Austria)
Athletico Spizz 80 (UK)

Atrocity (Denmark)
Au Pairs (UK)
Autumn Cathedral (USA)

Axe Of Hope (The Netherlands)
Azile (France)
Baciamibartai (Italy)
Bad Baby (Germany)
​Bardo Thödo (Japan)
Baroque Bordello (France)
Battery Boys (UK)
Bauhaus (UK)
Bay Of Pigs (USA)
Beast (UK)
The Birthday Party (Australia)
​Bleistift (The Netherlands)
Blitz (UK)
Blümchen Blau (Austria)

Blurpz (The Netherlands)
​Bodas De Sangre (Spain)
Body And The Buildings (Germany)
Bog-Shed (UK)
Bohemien (Italy)
Bolero (The Netherlands)
The Bolshoi (UK)
The Bonaparte's (France)

Bonemen Of Burumba (USA)
Boris Dzaneck (The Netherlands)
The Boys Next Door (Australia)
​Brain Machine (Italy)
The Braindead (Greece)
Breathless (UK)
Breeding Ground (Canada)
Brigandage (UK)
Broertje Dood (The Netherlands)
Broken Toys (USA)
Büld (Denmark)

The Bunch (Sweden)
The Burning Skies Of Elysium (UK)
​Buy Off The Bar (The Netherlands)

Cabine C (Brazil)
Cadena Perpetua (Spain)
The Calling (Canada)
Camara (Spain)

Caprifischer (Germany)
Carcrash International (Germany)
Cardiacs (UK)

Carillo (Finland)
Carmina Burana (Spain)
The Cartoons (UK)
Casual Affairs (The Netherlands)

Cathedral Of Tears (USA)
Cats Collide (UK)
The Cave (Germany)
Ceremonia (Spain)
Certain General (USA)
A Certain Ratio (UK)

Chalk Circle (Cananda)
The Chameleons (UK)
Cherry Faced Lurchers (South Africa)
Children’s Hour (New Zealand)
Chinese Wasps (UK)
​Choking Sensation (Italy)
Choir Invisible (USA)

Circle Seven (USA)
City (Italy)
Claire Shearsby (UK)
Classé X (France)
Claude Raines (USA)
Clockwork Orange (Norway)
​Close Cover  (France)
Clown (Greece)
Club Of Rome (Germany)

​Coïtus Int. (The Netherlands)
Col Corazón (Peru)
Cold Dance (UK)
Cold Phoenix (Italy)
Cold War (UK)
Colenso Parade (UK)
The Colors Out Of Time (UK)
Communal Drop (UK)
Company Of State (Belgium)
The Complaints (UK)
The Comsat Angels (UK)

Conspiracy Of Silence (The Netherlands)
Control (Argentina)
Corpo Diplomático (Portugal)

Corps Diplomatique (Denmark)
Corpus Delicti (USA)

Cortex (Sweden)
Crashblack Big Orange (US)
Crashing Out (Italy)
Crenom (Spain)

Crimes Of Nature (The Netherlands)
Crispy Ambulance (UK)
Cristal Swallow (Belgium) 
Cry Of The Innocent (UK)
Cryllids (Germany)
The Cultural Decay (Belgium)
Cupol (UK)
The Cure (UK)
Curse In Vain (UK)
Cyan Reveu (Germany)
Cyanide Scenario (UK)

The Ears (Australia)
Easter And The Totem (UK)
De Eensgezindheid (The Netherlands)
Egó (Iceland)
Einstein Dry (France)
El Corte (Argentina)
El Pecho De Andy (Spain)
El Último Eslabón (Spain)
Electric Guitars (UK) 
Elephant Talk (UK)
​Ellery Bop (UK)

​El Ultimo Sueño (Spain)
Em's Dream (Italy)

The End (Australia)
The End (Belgium)
Endangered Species (The Netherlands)
Endgame (USA)
Ensemble Pittoresque (The Netherlands)
Equivoque Crepuscolaire (Italy)
Ersatz (UK)
Ersatz (France)
Escape Artists (Denmark)
Esprits Animaux (The Netherlands)
Essential Logic (UK)

The Eternal (The Netherlands)
The Eternal Scream (UK)
Ethiopia (Brazil)
European Toys (UK)
Euroshima (Argentina)

Everest The Hard Way (UK)
Exit-Stance (UK)
Expando Brain (USA)
Extraña Misión (Peru)
Extrema Cordialidad Homicida (Spain)
Eyeless In Gaza (UK)
Eyes Of God (USA)

D'as Hirth (Italy)
Da Klute (The Netherlands)
Dag Vag (Sweden)
Daisuck & Prostitute (Japan)
Dämmerattacke (Austria)
Dance Chapter (UK)
Dancing Free Fall (UK)
Dangerous Pajamas (The Netherlands)
Dansdepartementet (Sweden)

Danse Macabre (UK)
Danse Macabre (New Zealand)
The Danse Society (UK)
​Danza Morta (Italy)

Dark Like A Restaurant (USA)
Dark Mine Fields (Japan)
Dark White (USA)
Das Wesen (The Netherlands)

Days Of Sorrow (Germany)
Days Of 29 (UK)
The Daze (UK)
De Div (The Netherlands)
De Press (Norway)

De Stijl (Italy)
​Dead Neighbours (Scotland)
Deafear (Italy)
Death Cult (UK)
Deckadas (Peru)

The Delphobics (USA)
Dementia Precox (USA)
Denizens (UK)
Department S (UK)
Der Knall (France)
Derribos Arias (Spain)
DeStijl (Italy)
Diaframma (Italy)
​Dick Tracey (France)
Die Gants (Germany)
Die Kappele (Denmark)
Die Unbekannten (Germany)

The Difference (The Netherlands)
Dik Dik Dimorphic (UK)
Direktive 17 (Canada)
Dirty Actions (Italy)
Diskanto (Italy)
The Dispossessed (USA)
Dissolutio Humani Generis (Italy) 
Distant Drums (UK)
Distant Thunder (USA)
Do-Ré-Mi (Australia)
Dobri Isak (Serbia)
Dog Detachment (South Africa)
Dole (Belgium)
​Domus Tedii (Italy)
Donación Agnelli (Spain)
Dormannu (UK)

Dottor Rari (Italy)
Duda Mata (Mexico)
Durnoe Vliyanie [Дурное влияние] (Russia)

The Fact (Germany)
​Factory Toys (The Netherlands)
The Fall (UK)
Family Plot (USA)

Fay Ray (UK)
Features (New Zealand)
Fellini (Brazil)
Feud (UK

​The Fever Tree (UK)
The Fifteenth (UK)
Film Noir (Greece)
The Final Scream (UK)
Five Or Six (UK
Fiz + Fertig (Germany)
Flak 88 (USA)
Flesh Eating Mothers [T.B.A.]
Flesh For Lulu (UK)
Fleshpuppets (UK)
Flexy Gang (Italy)
The Flowers (Scotland)
Flowers For Agatha (UK)
The Flowers Of Romance (Greece)
Flue (The Netherlands)
Flux Of Pink Indians (UK)

The Flood (UK)
​Folk Devils (UK)
Fools Dance (UK)
For Against (US) 
Foreign Press (UK)
Four Came Home (UK)
Fra Lippo Lippi (Norway)
French Painter Dead (Belgium)
Fricción (Argentina)

From Chorley (UK)
Funeral Oration (The Netherlands)
Furyo (UK)

Half Church (USA)
Halloween (Belgium)
Hang The Dance (UK)
Hardware (UK)
Harry (Brazil)
Headleaders (Greece

Helter Skelter (Australia)
Here Today (USA)
Hexenhaus (Finland)
Hi Jinx (The Netherlands)
Hi-i (The Netherlands)
His Master’s Voice (USA)
The Hollow Men (UK)
Hondo (UK)

Household Name (UK)
Hunger Project (Canada)
Hysteria (UK)
Hysteria Ward (UK)

Kafblau (The Netherlands)
Kebab (Belgium)
The Key (Austria)
KG Rest (Germany

Killed In Action (The Netherlands)
Killing Joke (UK)
​Kindergarten (UK)

King Kong And The Empire States (UK)
Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons (Sweden)

Kleenex (Switzerland)
K.M.W. (Belgium)
Komakino (T.B.A.)
Kommunity FK (USA)
Kosmonautentraum (Germany)

KULK (Iceland)
Krasnaya Rosa (Japan)
Kuudes Tunti (Finland)

​I Can Crawl (UK)
I’m Dead (UK)
I’m So Hollow (UK)
Ice (T.B.A.)
Idle Lovéll (USA)

IEP (Austria)
IL Y A Volkswagens (UK)
Imagen Sagrada (Spain)
Images Of Spirit (Belgium)
Imitation Brain (Japan)
In Camera (UK)
​In Reverie (UK)
Incee Wincee Spider (UK)
Indians Fall In Love (Germany)
Indust Bag (Yugoslavia)

Inryo Fuen (Japan)
The Insex (Canada)
The Instigators (UK)
The Intelligence Unit (USA)
Interior (The Netherlands)
​International Q (USA)
Into Decline (UK)
Ipso Facto (UK)
Ira! (Brazi)

Gabinete Caligari  (Spain)
​Gakidou "餓鬼道" (Japan)
Gang Of Four (UK)
Garbage Collector (France)
Garden Of Pleasures (UK)

Gardenia (Poland)
Gardening By Moonlight (UK

Geisha (Finland)
Geisterfahrer (Germany)
Gene Loves Jezebel (UK/USA)
The Gentry (The Netherlands)
Geschlecht Akt (UK)
Get Smart! (USA)
Getting The Fear (UK)
The Gist (UK)
Glaxo Babies (UK)
Glorious Din (USA)
Go Flamingo! (Italy)

The Gorvernment (UK)
Gothic Girls (UK)

Gravity Pirates (Australia)
The Great Divide (UK)
Greenfield Leisure (UK)
​Grey March (USA)
Gruppenbild (Belgium)
The Guardians Of The Ancient Wisdom (UK)
Güler (The Netherlands)
Gutterbeat (USA)
Nadagen (The Netherlands)
Nadja (Italy)
Naftha's Preview (The Netherlands)
The Names (Belgium)

Nautilus Pompilius (Russia)
The Need (UK)

Negative Image (USA)
Neon (The Netherlands)
Neptune’s Car (UK)
Neurox (Italy)
​Never Noooh No (The Netherlands)
New Age (UK)
New Buildings (Spain)
New Day (T.B.A.)
New Model Army (UK)
New Obsession (Ireland)
Nexda (The Netherlands)

Next Crisis (The Netherlands)
Nightingales (UK)
Nilla Nahambroc (Sweden)

No Corridor(UK)
​Noise Annoys (Germany)
Noises In The Dark (Italy)
Nombre Noir (France)
​Nominal State (USA)

Non Alignment Pact (The Netherlands)
Non Ext (The Netherlands)
Not 2 Without 3 (Greece)
Nowhere (Canada])

NZPop  (Australia)

La Fuga (Spain)
La Fundación (Spain)
La Noche Americana (Spain)

Lack Of Knowledge (UK)
​Lacrima Christi (Italy)
Laid Thenardier (France)
Language From Memory (UK)
Language From Memory (UK)
Las Ánimas del Cuarto Oscuro (Mexico)
Last Laugh (UK)
Last Man In Europe (UK)

Laughing (Sweden)
The Laughing Apple (UK)
Laughing House (UK)
The Laughing Mothers (UK)
The Lautrec (Japan)
Lavabos Iturriaga (Spain)

Lavolta Lakota (UK)
Legion (UK)
Leitmotiv (Spain)
Lenin Shipyard (Belgium)
Leningrad Sandwich (Germany)
The Leopard Society (USA)

Les Fleurs D'Hiver (Switzerland)
Les Zeiga Fleurs (UK)
The Lesbians (Greece)
Less Dance (Belgium)

Less Funny Beduins (Germany)
Libido Blume (Greece)
Life In Cage (Greece)

LiLiPUT (Switzerland)
Lima 13 (Peru)
Línea Vienesa (Spain)
​Lisboa (Spain)
Litfiba (Italy)
​Lizard (Japan)
 Lo Noize (Italy)
The Lonely Now (USA)
Look Back In Anger (UK)
Los Corrosivos (Argentina)
Los Estómagos (Uruguay)
Los Invasores (Uruguay)
Los Monaguillosh (Spain)
Los Pillos (Argentina)
Los Traidores (Uruguay)
Los Violadores (Argentina)
Lost Loved Ones (UK)
The Lucy Show (UK)
Luna (Yugoslavia)
Lunes De Hierro (Japan)
Lung Overcoat (USA)

Jacket Weather (UK)
Jason Rawhead (Belgium)
Josef K (Scotland)
Joy Division (UK)
Joy Of Life (UK)

Jugos De Otros (Spain)

Qua Dance (The Netherlands)

Qual Dommage (UK)
Tan Zero (Italy)
​​Tanit (France)
Tappi Tikarrass
The Tempest

Theatre Of Hate (UK)

Them Philistines (UK)
Thin Yoghurts (UK)
Third Generation (UK)
This Dawn (The Netherlands)
This Parade (UK)
This Replica (UK)
The Thorns (Austria)
Three Clouds In The Sky (The Netherlands)
Three Mothers
The Three Johns
​Tinplate Soldiers
Time To Kill
The Toilets (The Netherlands)
Tom’s Midnight Garden
Tones On Tail
Toylets (The Netherlands)
Toys Went Beserk

Trash Of All Nations (Australia)
Treatment Room
Trobecove Krušne Peći (Yugoslavia)
Troops For Tomorrow
Trotsky Icepick 
Troubled Garden

True Colours (UK)
​Tse Tse Force

Tubeway Patrol (UK)
​Turbe Psichiche Di Origine Dolosa
Twelfth Night (The Netherlands)
Twenty Four World
Twilight Zoners
Twisted Nerve
Two Supply (The Netherlands)
Two-Two-’79 (The Netherlands)

O Veux (Belgium)
Obscurity Age (Italy)
Oedipus Scream (USA)
​Oh' Dev (The Netherlands

One Blood (Finland)
One Life (USA)
Opala (Italy)
Op De Koffie Band (The Netherlands)
Other Side (Italy)
Other Voices (Australia)
Oto (France)
Otras Voces (Spain)
Otroci Socializma (Yugoslavia)

Our Heroes (UK)
Out Of The Fire (USA)
Out On Blue Six (UK)
Ovens Van Ondank (The Netherlands)

Wah! Heat (UK)
Wanda's (The Netherlands)
The Wait
The Wake
Wall Of Voodoo
Wardanse (The Netherlands)
Wasted Youth

WAT (The Netherlands)
Wax Heroes
Way Of The West (UK)
​The Web

Week 20/21 (Denmark)
Westdeutsche Christen (Germany)
Western Électrique (France)
​Western Promise (UK)
When Thunder Comes (USA)
The Wild Bunch (Sweden)
The Wild Flowers (UK)
Wire​ (UK

Rank Z'Heroes (Belgium)
Rats (Italy)
Razor Penguins (USA)

Rebel Christening (UK)
Red Wedding (USA)
Red Zebra (Belguim)
Redmath (USA)

Regard (Italy)
Relèvement '82 (The Netherlands)
Repetition (Belgium)
The Reporters
A Reprisal (UK)
The Rest (UK)
Restricted Code (Scotland)
Rhythm And Faith (UK)
Riot 111 (New Zealand)
Ritual (UK)
Rival Savages (UK)

Robin Stammers And Flesh Habit (UK)
The Room

Rosengarten (Germany)
Rot Guts (Belgium)
RRRRRRR (Uruguay)

Pale TV (Italy)
Panic In The Year Zero (UK)

Pankow (Germany)
Paradise Now (UK)
Parálisis Permanent (Spain)
Paranoid Paradise (Belgium)
Paris Working (UK)
Party Day (UK)
Pasajeros (Spain)
The Passage (UK)
Passion Of Ice (UK)
Pauk (Yugoslavia)

​Pee Dee (The Netherlands)
Pel Mel (Australia)
Pere Ubu (USA)

Perennial Divide (UK)
Perfect End (UK)
Persona Non Grata (France)
Perspex Spangles (UK)

Petali Del Cariglione (Italy)
Phantom Forth (New Zealand)
Phantom Limb (Belgium)

Phew (Japan_
The Phones (The Netherlands)
​Piece Of Wood (USA)
Pink Military (UK)
Pink Section (USA)
Pink Turns Blue (Germany)
Pitfall (The Netherlands)
Pizniz (The Netherlands)
Plague Of Fools (UK)
Plaisir Solitaire (France)
​Plan K
Plastic Trash

The Plastics (Japan)
Platform Of Youth (USA)
The Pleasure Cell
​The Pleasure Garden

Plexigladz (Belgium)
Politburo (Italy)
Poor Girls
Pop Stress
Positive Noise
Pre-Rephaelites (The Netherlands)
The Prefects (UK
Preison’s Shade (Canada)
Primal Danse

Primary Reason (US)
Prime Movers (New Zealand)
Primitive Romance

Pro Memoria (France)
The Production Club (UK)
Prophet O’Haphazard
Psi Com (USA)
Public Image Ltd.
Punctured Tough Guy
Pure Thought (UK)

The Purple Effect (UK)
Purrkurr Pillnikk
Pyhät Nuket
Zägä Box  (Finland)
Zanzibars Twist ‎(The Netherlands)
Zapato 3 (Venezuela)
Zelda (Japan)

Zero Zero At The Olympics (The Netherlands)
​Zero Divide (France)
Zero Zero (The Netherlands)

Zerra One (Ireland)
​Zimbo Chimps
Zombies "ゾンビーズ" (Japan)
Zooey (Japan)

Zsa Zsa (The Netherlands)
Zwembaden (The Netherlands)

​Ultime Possibilité (France)
The Unamerican
Under Two Flags (UK)
Underground Life (Italy)

The Underlings (UK)
The Unknown (USA)
Unrestful Movements (New Zealand)

X Cert (Italy)
X Istentials
X-Beliebig (Austria)

3P Sweet (France)
5:30 (Spain)
13th Chime (UK)
39 Clocks (Germany)

39 Lyon Street (UK)
The 57th Parallel (UK)
​86 (USA)
1919 (UK)

S.H.Draumur (Iceland)
The S-Haters (UK)
Sacred Cowboys (Australia)
Sad Lovers And Giants (UK

Safari Party (UK)
Saigon (UK)
Sammie America’s Gasphetti
(The Netherlands)
Sanity Commission (The Netherlands)

Sanity Plexus (UK)
Sapho (France)
Satin Doll (Japan)
Scarlet Masque (Germany)

Scatterbrain (Denmark)
​Scent Merci
A Sceptic View (The Netherlands)
Screaming Bamboo
Screen Of Dreams
The Second Coming (UK)
Secret Troop (UK)
Section 25

The Senate (UK)
The Senses Bureau (USA)
Sentimiento Muerto (Venezuela)
Seres Vacios
The Seven Fifty-Hour (UK)
Seventh Séance

Sex Beat (UK)
Sexepil (Hungary)
Shadowplay (Germany)

Sheep Look Up (Canada)
Shift (The Netherlands)
​The Shining (UK)
Shriekback (UK)
Shoes For Industry
Siglo XX (Belgium)
Sign Language

Silent Rite (USA/Germany)
Silent Scream
The Silent Scream

The Sinatras (UK)
Sindrome Di Stendhai
Sindy And The Action Man (UK)
Sinking Ships (UK)
Siouxsie And The Banshees (UK)
Sits. Vacant (UK)
Sissi Hansen (Argentina)
Sixtieth Parallel (USA)
Size [Mexico]

Slauerhoff (The Netherlands)
The Smartpils  (UK)
Soft Drinks
​Someone & The Somebodies

Soggy Porridge  (Australia)
Sor Obscena (Peru)

Soul (UK)
Soul Merchants
The Sound (UK)
The Sound Asleep (UK)
South Of No North (Greece)
The Southern Death Cult (UK)
Soviet Sex [The Netherlands]
Sovjet War
A Special Night (Italy)
​The Splinters Of Hate
Sport Of Kings (USA)
Spray Pals

Ståålfågel (Sweden)
Stained Veil (Greece)
Standart Oil

Starving Artists (USA)
Statues In Motion (Greece)
The Steroids (New Zealand)
Stimmen Der Stille (Germany)

Stockholm Monsters (UK)
Strange Days (The Netherlands)

Strange Fruit (US)
​Strange Militia
Stranger Still
Stranger To Stranger
Strangers In The Night
Stricher (Germany)

Struggler (Belgium)
Stulna Begär

The Stunt Kites (UK)
Sturm Group
The Sunday Painters
The Supreme Court

Surreal For Real
Surrealistic Men (Japan)
Suspect (The Netherlands)
Suspect (UK)
Svätsox (The Netherlands)
Swans (USA)

Synchronize (Japan)
​Syster Lycklig (Sweden)

V2 Berlin (Spain)
The Varve
Venus In Furs
Victorian Parents
Vietnam (New Zealand)
​Vietnam Rafale (France)

Vital Sines (Canada)
Villa 21 (Greece)
Violet Town (USA)
Viridanse (Italy)
The Visitor (The Netherlands)
Viva La Muerte (The Netherlands)
Volume Unit
​Voluntários da Pátria (Brazil)
Vox Rei
Voz Propia (Peru)

​​​Your Dinner (UK)
Your Funeral (UK)

​дурное-влияние (Rusland)
Кале (Bulgaria)
Þeyr (Iceland])